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Default Re: How do you see the offseason so far? Scale of A B C D F (A best F fail)

I feel like a lot of things fell into our lap (MWP, Jason Kidd retiring), so we got better by default in some aspects. However, I think Grunwald was horrendous in every negotiation except for JR Smith (easy negotiation) and Beno Udrih. I think we all know how I feel about that Prigioni signing. I think it affected everything else we were able to do going forward. The Bargnani trade would be fine IMO if we didn't give up the draft picks. I just think Grunwald proved this summer, what I've been saying for over a year. He has zero negotiating skills. Ultimately though, I do think our roster is slightly better than it was last year. The only player of any worth we lost was Copeland ( ) I like Cope but I don't think we needed to give him what he got from Indy. Overall, I give Scumwald a C-. The Beno acquisition brought it up form a D+. That was a decent little move (my dad hates it lol).
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