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Default Re: The Warriors are so much better at moving the ball without Durant in the lineup

Originally Posted by Indian guy
Kobe fans still desperately trying to draw parallels between LeBron and KD's moves

Except nobody has ever bought it. There's a reason why each of LeBron's 3 rings were universally celebrated as alpha dog rings while everybody laughs at KD's.

And that's because context matters to people. Joining 47 and 33-win teams is nothing like joining a 73-win team with a championship already under its belt.

LeBron's teams shit the bed the moment he's injured or no longer on the team. KD's teams go 28-1 when he's out and win huge playoff games on the road.

Thus one enjoys consensus top 5 status while nobody bothers ranking the other.

Lebron didnt join a 47 win team or a 33 win team. There were multiple all Stars who joined with him on both of those teams. It wasn’t the exact same roster except with LBJ dropped in. You are being either an idiot or intellectually dishonest.

Likewise with “Durant joined a 73 win team”. Without failing to mention that the Warriors lost their entire bench who was a key component in their 73 win season. If you replayed the 2016 season and took away all those players the Warriors would not come close to winning 73 games. Your entire post is extremely disingenuous.

Stop shitposting your dishonest low iq garbage you smelly piece of shit
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