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Default Re: Rate Leonard's 4th quarter play these Finals

Originally Posted by 3ball
He passed lebron on my all-time list

But obviously, I understand that most people overlook his manufactured Finals runs and the 3/9-caliber teams that his narrow, AAU skillset and non-elite shooting yields..

If Ray allen or kyrie misses those shots, I doubt you'd be disputing me and everything I just said would seem like legit explanation for the 1/9 Finals record
You have Kawhi in your top 8? I know for a fact that you have LeBron ranked #8, so I'm assuming that you have Kawhi over the likes of - Dr. J, Moses, Wilt, Hakeem, KD, etc.?

Originally Posted by 3ball
I'm curious - if allen or kyrie missed those shots and he was 2/9, or if both missed and he was 1/9, do you think people would still think he's top 5 or a legit goat candidate?
Even if Kyrie missed his shot, the scores were tied, you braindead faggot.
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