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Default Re: 2012 Trade Deadline Deal: Gerald Wallace to the Nets

Originally Posted by niko
I don't like the trade for two reasons, neither of which involves Gerald Wallace, who i really like as a player.
1) He's not a game changer. If Deron was not staying (and im not saying he is not) he's not changing his mind because they acquired Gerald Wallace.
2) For the price the Nets gave up, they could have gotten Paul Pierce, or thrown in another pick and went after J Smith or Aldrige actually. It felt like they had a good idea, but overpaid.

It may work out good but i still think they overpaid and they upped the risk level if they lose Deron. The Nets were all in, and they pushed more chips to the center of the table.

I disagree. I think that Gerald Wallace is an all-star caliber player and while he may not be a franchise changer, all-star caliber is what it is. He's one of the best defenders in the league, a great shot-blocker who gets lots of steals. And he's one of the best rebounding SF's in the league. Stats never look on the Blazers. But he took that Bobcats team to the playoffs and he's still got a few years left.

Deron is a basketball player. He should want to play with great players. Wallace is a better player than Boozer ever was. He has Brook and Brooks. They need a big-time player. He gets that in Dallas, but he has his team in Brooklyn that is better on paper than what Dwight has in Orlando. Avery might be a problem tho. They still have Houston's pick if Houston somehow makes the playoffs. They're gonna be playing in the City.

And they had no shot at LaMarcus Aldridge. Portland cannot be stupid enough to trade a 26 year old max player who makes less than $13Million a year. He's one of the 3 PF's in the NBA that will stand above the rest for the next 7-8 years. Porltand just can't be that stupid. Josh Smith is a maybe, but Wallace isn't far behind Smith.

Lastly, it's all about giving up a pick when you could have signed him as a free agent. In fact, they could have offered a lot of money Batum. If they offered Batum some Wallace money, Portland would likely not least you'd think. They're not making the playoffs this year.

May as well have offered that pick that was signed thru next season.
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