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Default Re: Get the fvck over the draft lottery.

Honestly the NBA had to give the first pick to one of the West lottery teams, I mean if you can't make the playoffs in the East you just completely fail at basketball. Making the playoffs in the West you got to win like 50 games or very close to it and the West had 8 of the best 10 teams in the playoffs and the Suns and Timberwolves probs would have been better than quiet a few of the East playoff teams.

Seriously give it to a team that actually needs it not one that's already had like a insane amount of top 3 picks already. You shouldn't need the #1 pick to be a playoff team in the East teams like the Jazz/Kings needed this way more moving forward and neither has had a top 3 pick in ages (well Jazz have but Kantar is garbage).

That's just garbage the NBA needs to put some rule in place where you can't reward someone for being garbage honestly I would love a rule if you get a top 5 pick you can't have a lottery pick for the next 3 years that way shit teams like the Cavs/Kings/Jazz/Bucks/76ers are forced to trade and actually develop and not rely on being shit to get them players in the draft.

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