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Default Re: Get the fvck over the draft lottery.

Originally Posted by DukeDelonte13
meh, if the cavs took Len same result.

If the cavs took Porter same result.

If the cavs took Cody Zeller same result.

If the cavs took Noel, who the f*ck knows.

The cavs were not about to draft their 3rd 6'3'' guard in 3 years.

Is it fair to say Cavs would be in the same position if they took Noel last year? I mean he didn't play at all this season, and while Bennett had a horror start I would presume if you took him out and added nobody they're still going to end up more or less in the same boat, except with an excuse of sorts because their number one pick was out ala Griffin in his first year.

Although I'd still be a lot more excited by a Cavs future featuring Irving, Waiters, Noel and one of Parker/Wiggins (Embiid would probably be off the table in that situation, don't think it'd have the same twin towers allure that Davis/Noel had for the 5 seconds that dream was a reality for me). I know Bennett has gotten better since his first few weeks but he still doesn't strike me as a superstar like Noel could be
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