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Default Re: Get the fvck over the draft lottery.

Originally Posted by Myth
If you get a #1, #2, #4 over the course of a bad stretch, fine, especially if your team set out strategically to land those, including trading players for picks that worked out. But 3 #1s is unheard of, and to do it by pure luck after your shitty team failed to make the playoffs with a pretty good roster? Just insane.

Imagine if Clippers had Griffin (2009), but then lucked into Irving 2 years later, followed by Anthony Davis. There would be no excuse for them to not be a championship contender.'s hilarious how butt-hurt Cavs fans don't get it.

It's not hard. NBA fans that aren't Cavs fans don't want a shit franchise like them to get all these players. Why? Because they have a history of being a shit franchise and not putting pieces around elite players.

We don't want to see a franchise that lucked into one of the 8 or so best players ever...and could only give him Mo Williams in 7 years....get 3 number 1 draft picks. It would be like this for other teams. The Wolves haven't made the playoffs in what seems like forever...and they've had KG and Kevin Love.

So what's the point? You get KG and can't do shit. You get Kevin Love and can't do shit. You get Lebron and you can't surround him with shit.

Just seems pointless. These shit franchises continue to get pick after pick...and they don't do anything with them half the time.

That is why fans are upset. If some improbable thing was going to happen...we wanted it to be for a team like the Suns or something. That would make the league better. Not giving a shit franchise another great pick.

As a NBA fan...hopefully they turn it around.
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