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Default Re: Is it just me or is this basically what every Portland fan believe/hope?

Three more points to make:

1. LaMarcus Aldridge has disappointed me year after year. He has not been anything special. He's not even top 15 forwards IMO. I hope he proved me wrong this year.

2. I really hope they add another superstar from Miller/Camby's expiring contract. It might not necessarily be the best move but it sure would be exciting. Perhaps troubled stars like Chris Paul or Carmelo Anthony. Yeah we all heard they might be taking shots away from Roy and the team might fall into disarray but heck, it'll be great to see how it all works out. It's always fascinating when you pile up talents and see how they work out.

3. Do you all think Nate McMillan need to be replaced? I'm on the fence with this. On one hand, I don't think he has the ability nor experience to coach a contender to a championship. On the other, I don't know who'll replace him that could do better.
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