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Default Re: Coach Skilles Gives Jennings The Starting Nod

There were a few more things I wanted to add; the Spurs added McDryess and Jefferson to their already huge payroll so you know they are over the cap and don't care because they want to win a championship now and will pay what it takes to get there. I just think the Bucks are a poorly run organization from the top-down, and have been since Kohl took ownership. To me the poor drafting is the biggest issue and when you think about it in the past 20 years I can only name four players where we hit the jackpot; Big-Dog, Ray, Redd, and I'll add Bogut since he is decent, buy fragile. As you know Dog and Bogut were #1 overall picks, so it's Ray and Redd where we did really well. So there you go, really only two guys in the past 20 years discounting the overall #1 who should be a good player most would agree. How can you build a quality team with that kind of drafting record?
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