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Default Re: Players better than Dwight Howard

Originally Posted by Mr Exlax
Does anybody here realize he's still not 100%? I mean, he had back surgery and wasn't supposed to come back until this month. He came back early so that's going to slow down recovery time.

Maybe he'll start looking better physically after the all-star break with the rest, and also since he was expected to be back by then. Honestly, I think he should sit out the all-star game. Dwight does have to play harder, but D'Antoni has to make a real effort to establish him in the post early in games. I have no idea what he was thinking having him barely touch the ball in the first and then going to him in the post in the 2nd. It's tough to judge his offensive game when they go to him just a few times a game in the post. But D'Antoni is a terrible coach, what else is new?
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