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Default Re: Interesting Muslim Video -- Will Islam Take Over Europe?

Originally Posted by giantgonzolez
Dude, when you look at the Holocaust caused by WHITE CHRISTIANS, The Genocide of 100 MILLION NATIVE AMERICANS in the Western Hemesphere after 1492 by WHITE CHRISTIANS, World Wars caused by WHITE CHRISTIANS, The Slavery of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF Africans and African Americans caused by WHITE CHRISTIANS, The Vietnam War, The Korean War, The Ethnic Cleansing of Mexicans from the South and West caused by White Christains, The Illegal Iraq war Caused by White Christians, etc. why do you think that muslim girl in your apartment building(or whatever you call it in England) was afraid of White Christans?
Moslems may scare some people, but if you look at history, White Christans are the SCARIEST PEOPLE to ALL NON-WHITES.
Now tell me everything thats been done by Black people, Asians, Hispanics, etc.

Every race and religion has enough wrong with them and enough positive with them.

Specifically, Whites created most of "popular" History because of the fact they were recording the History as they went on. And the fact they spread to other lands while recording history. However with whatever bad caused by whites, there has been good caused by whites.

But if you want to point a finger at who are the people everybody should be afraid of, it is the American Black Male. I've come to the realization that most black males have been nurtured into becoming miniature gorillas, the only successful American black males have been tamed via their upbringing. Sad to say considering I myself am a tamed American black male.
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