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Default Re: Interesting Muslim Video -- Will Islam Take Over Europe?

Originally Posted by giantgonzolez
There are surely black men who have murdered a lot of people, and perhaps even a million people, but no black man has EVER equaled the Evil done by the likes of Stalin, Hitler, or even Christopher Columbus who many native Americans claim is responsible for the deaths of millions. I don't know how a man like Coumbus who opened the Atlantic Slave Trade and started perhaps the LARGEST, VASTEST, and LONGEST LASTING GENOCIDE IN MODERN HISTORY can be considered a hero.
Christopher Columbus was Spanish, he never came in contact with Native Americans, and he is a distant ancestor to the mulatto race of Islanders in multiple countries.

The Civil Wars in Africa has killed more people than the Holocaust, open your mind. You sound like one of those American kids who have been force fed so much fiction that you're beginning to rebel and make your own conclusions based on the same stuff you've been force fed. The Civil Wars in Africa have pit Black Man against Black Man for centuries, whether fighting as countries or as tribes. Nobody sheds light to this, because like most mainstream History it is not taught if it doesn't affect you as an American. You probably dont realize AIDS was created to contain the Black population in non-Christian societies, black families in those parts of Africa could have 10-20 children. With enough Africans, eventually they would outnumber the Chinese which is bad for 2 reasons. 1.) Blacks are bigger & more prone to aggresion 2.) Blacks without religion, espescially without a strict moral code set in Asian countries.

Open your mind brah.
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