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Default Re: are whole grains bad for you? (any paleo dieters here?)

Originally Posted by falc39
I remember watching on the news a long time ago that you can get a special test on the best diet for you. They analyze your genes and from that and other things they can come up with what is best for your body... a personalized report. Not sure how much it costs now and stuff, but in general, I remember the news said the test will likely recommend the foods from your heritage. So for example, if your heritage is from a culture that typically likes to eat a lot of rice and fish, those likely are the better foods for your diet. If you come from a culture that have a lot of bread and pasta in their diet... you get the idea. I saw this on the news a long time ago so my memory may be a little spotty, but I found that news spot very interesting.
you mean the ER4YBT diet? (eat right for your blood type)
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