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Default Re: are whole grains bad for you? (any paleo dieters here?)

Originally Posted by gigantes
.........what i know for sure.........

- i've lost about 35lbs just cutting way down on grains and sugars of all kinds. eat anytime i feel like it now and don't gain any weight.

- whole grains are at least a good fiber experience, so i do treat myself to them every few days and don't feel too badly about it. examples-- air-popped popcorn, brown basmati, steel-cut oats.

- i like to try to REASON out the likelihood of modern humans being grain-eaters.... i.e. are we really designed to eat grains, or aren't we? this is a useful exercise because we know that the longer an organism eats a food in evolutionary terms, the more adapted it will be to that food, i.e. healthier.

for example, bamboo is one of the most ridiculous kinds of food in the world to try to absorb nutrients from, and yet a whole species of bear (pandas) somehow got adapted to eating it. even though it's such poor fare that they have to eat all day long in order to survive. but considering that they started as carnivores/omnivores, it's pretty impressive.

in any case, grains are pretty tricky food for most animals to eat because of the outer hull. first, the problem of removing it, then (for man) the problem of storing the perishable interiors. it requires tools, planning, proper storage... even high food science in turning it into the cadillac of grain-food, i.e. bread.

so, long story short... i doubt that humans were eating grains for very long.

the fact that our insulin tends to jump all around when we eat them now tends to reinforce that. the fact that grains and sugars in essence are diabetic timebombs.

- i noticed some kind of research study lately which proposed that as little as 10,000 years may have been enough time for man to have properly (more or less) adapted towards grains as healthy foods. that would be roughly the correct amount of time that man was picking grain berries, grinding them and making bread-like stuff... yeast and non-yeast varieties.

so there's a conflict right there... those last two points, you know?

i definitely need to do more research on this!

great post Gigantes. I went on a pseudo paleo diet last summer. i didn't totally quit the grains or anything, but I did cut it down tremendously. i'm asian so quitting rice was like....WTF my life sucks. what i did was cut my intake by nearly 3/4. so that means only half a small bowl of rice instead of 2 and just a littlebit of bread when i eat a sandwich. carbs was not really a problem, i never felt tired and was still able to keep up the intensity of my workouts. i also only eat brown rice and whole wheat multigrain bread so i'm sure that helps.

my results where pretty good, i was as lean as I had ever been, friends were commenting that I was getting bruce lee levels of shredness. the only problem was i had wanted to gain another 10-15 pounds of muscle and that was pretty much impossible. i'm getting back on that diet now since pool weather is coming up.
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