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Default Re: Trayvon Martin Case

Originally Posted by MJ23forever
It's really tiresome listening to everyone with their uninformed opinions of why Zimmerman is guilty.

As opposed to your uniformed opinion?

Poor judgment and following someone, or even confronting them, is not illegal.

Who said it was?

Just because someone is punching you on the ground and bashes your head into the concrete, that doesn't give you the right to shoot them!

Zim's minor injuries are something we know. Zim getting his head repeatedly slammed into the concrete is something we don't know actually happened. How about you let me 'smash your head into the pavement with all my strength' and then we compare your injuries to Zim's when you wake up (if you do)?

What the hell was he suppose to do? Wait until he was unconscious or beaten into a comma and somehow magically fire his weapon before Trayvon possibly murdered him or caused him brain damage?

There's another thing, I'm supposed to believe that TM was going to beat Zim to death for no reason whatsoever? Zim is a completely innocent angel while TM was a cold-blooded murderer? Don't you think there's some room in the middle?

If someone is attacking you, of course you have the right to end them right there. What are you supposed to do otherwise? Hope the attacker decides to be nice and not beat you to death?

Why doesn't everyone go around shooting people whenever they feel they're even remotely in danger? What if TM had a gun and shot Zim because he thought he was in danger from Zim following him around?

Plus, Zimmerman also stated (during a lie detector test that he passed, btw) that Martin began to go for his gun. Saying something like 'you gonna to die tonight mother****er'.

Are there any witnesses that can corroborate Zim's version of events? I find it difficult to believe that TM so conveniently made such a statement.
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