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Default Re: At the beginning of the season would you think we would be this good?

I've never been more frustrated by a team I root for....wait, This is the second team I've been really frustraded by (Raider fan . And I might add a Raider fan who understands his team has been an embaressment to the NFL since 2003).

I was so upset with Kobe for publicly selling out teammates and the organization and publicly demanding a trade during mabye the most important off season since Shaq came to the Lakers as a free agent and we traded for Kobe.

With Garnett ready to be dealt by the T-Wolves, Kobe comes out and kills any chance of Garnett coming to LA. So frustating.

I was against any deal sending Bynum out unless Garnett was coming back and I DID NOT want to trade Kobe at any cost and not because I give a rats ass about him. If a guy is going to sell you out and want to jump ship, screw that. I wanted to make him honor his contract, be miserable for two years, and then walk at the end.

I was prepared to dig in for two long miserable years of Kobe whining to get out and the Lakers not caving to his demands. Then Fish was signed and I though, mabye, just MAYBE he can talk some sense into that egomaniac. Still I thought that would only be placated him temporarly while and he would blow up again when the trade dealine came into view. I was prepared for the worst and prepared for an ugly battle as the Lakers tried to force the Bynum era while Kobe was still here.

As if you haven't figured it out the egomaniacs in sports just piss me. They get paid millions of dollars to play a kids game and do nothing but whine and cry and think the world revolves around them, but that is a whole other story for a different post.

Back to the original question. I thought they would be a bubble playoff team and if they got in, would get bounced in the first round easily. I was hoping they would just miss the playoffs all together and get back into the lottery instead of being a 6-8 seed with no chance to do anything.

For once all the stars lined up and one by one all the pieces started falling together and finally Kobe got it that the organization actually knew what they were doing and finally got on board.

Major props to GM Kupchack for not caving to Kobe's demands and not making a sideways trade just to appease him. Again another post for another time about the job he has done,
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