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Ali lost to Frazier. I guess people forgot that? I guess people also dont know nor have a clue about Tyson in his PRIME. When he was mentally stable (thanks to the people around him) and was perfect on offense and defense.

Its a good debate. Anyone who acts like Ali was far superior and this is a no brainer doesnt know much about boxing. And Ali stole Sugar Ray Robinson whole style. He admits to it because Sugar was his fav boxer ever and he spent lots of time watching Sugar train, spar. I know Ali is this icon but a lot of that has to do with his personality, charisma and also political stances, views on things. He had both inside and outside the ring impact where most boxers dont. It would be a good fight indeed and I have Ali coming out victorius. Ali had all the tools plus the size to negate Tyson. But if Ali did the rope a dope crap and Tyson caught him? Curtains.

The way Lennox beat Tyson is how Ali would beat him. Even if it was a prime Tyson...Ali would box his ears off to take away Tyson's power.

Ali took shots from a young George Foreman who hit a hundred times harder than Tyson ever did.

No he didnt. Dont enter this topic throwing out falsehoods.

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