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Default Re: If you could add one new thing to basketball, what would it be ..

I said this a couple of times but i say it again, you should get an assist if your teammate you gave the pass to hits his FTs... Lot of times you will see for example a PG thread the needle to lets say a PF under the basket, the PF would easily put up 2 pts (layup/dunk) and the PG would get 1 assist... but the PF gets hammered because they dont want him to get that easy bucket and hits his points anyways at the FT line... the PG doesnt get the assist, but he should because he assisted him to those exact points.......

Since the beginning of my basketball interest i always wanted this and always failed to see the logic in why it wasnt implemented... yes it would be unfair to implement it right now, unfair towards the past players i mean, considering how many assists THEY could have gotten....... but the NBA has done this in the past with the recording of blocks & steals remember? Not to mention awards aswell such as DPOY & FMVP..... addition of 3pt line.. hand-checking... and so on and so on...

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