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Default Re: Official Mental Enhancement Thread

Originally Posted by BallsOut
I was kind of hoping not to have to do any research.

Where's J $ spitting that insightful knowledge when ya need em. All I wanna do is sit here and pick your brain.

Hey BO.

Apologies for not being of assistance earlier.

Alright, I can't really help you cuz my short term memory is abysmal. And to think my college major is fukking neurobiology

But I'm embarking on a side mission to develop a "perfect memory" so to speak lol. So here's a few tips.

There's a method known as the "Dominic Method" and a "Pao Method" I just finished reading about. Here's how it goes.

Okay, pretend that the synapses on your web are like the webs of a spider. And pretend your conscious mind was that spider eagerly retrieving the necessary prey to answer the question... What would be the quickest way
for you to recall said info?

A) INcrease strength of stimulus
B) Increase the amount of strings that lead to that web.


To achieve this. You must use SENSORY DETAIL and ASSOCIATION to maximum point.

We'll touch base on numbers first.

Say you had to remember the date... June 6, 1944 for whatever reason. That's 6/6/1944. 661944. It's a cluster of numbers that are easily forgettable..but what you do is you GROUP them into duos and you attribute a letter to each number.

The system goes like this:
0 O
1 A
2 B
3 C
4 D
5 E
6 S
7 G
8 H
9 N

So we would group 66. 19. and 44. And use them in the PERSON ACTION OBJECT orientation.

(Stromile Swift))

(Anna Nicole)

(Daniel Day Lewis)

The table would look like this.
Stromile Swift ---- Posterizing someone ---- Headband
Anna Nicole ----- Losing weight/boffing Hef ---- Her T!tties
Daniel Day Lewis ---- Butchering something in Gangs of NY ---- A milkshake with a big oilfield in the back

What you would do is IMMEDIATELY CONDITION your mind to CREATE A VIVID PICTURE of Stromile Swift losing weight/sucking Hef's c0ck (heh dirty homo mind sorry) while "ironically" sipping a milkshake in the background with a big oilfield.... in relation to D-DAY.
Once this picture is detailed and colored in, it stays in your mind. Permanently.
Then you backwards engineer it to extract the numbers...

This seems liek too much work, but THINK man the REPERCUSSIONS are endless.. we're talking perfect birthday recalls, accelerated learning, nba stats out yo azz ez peezy lemon squezy, mastered skills, faster languages.. the whole shebang.

You said you forget things on a daily basis? Hmmmm. Well Captian Obvious says checklists are the way to go (Get Wunderlist on your smart phone.. jot sh!t down the night before whether its objects to bring or tasks to be done), but while getting your keys you can just stare at it and blink about 15 or so times and tell yourself.

You can also switch up your diet.. Up the MCT Oil consumption, veggie intake, and fish servings.

Glad to hear you code man. Awesome stuff.
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