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Originally Posted by SoCalMike
So why should the Lakers be signing anyone that has been waived by a team today? How can anyone say that they could add significant value when the Lakers already play 9-10 players deep WITHOUT Bynum and Ariza in the lineup? And you want to assimilate them into the lineup with the Triangle in what, less than 20 games or so???

I don't get people's logic... it seems that whenever a player is waived from another team, these threads pop up saying we have to get that player. Why do you want someone else's left over trash?????

My apologies, but I just don't get it.

I understand what your saying ,but this guy is a athlete. He came out the same year Bynum and straight from High School. In fact draft experts were saying he has potential to be the Kobe Bryant type player LOL. Think about it he is 20-21 and has plenty of time to improve. Would he help this year NO, but he could help next year. We will lose some players this summer, Green has no leverage as far as contracts go, so take a chance for a cheap price! Bryant could take him under his wing and help him become the player so many predicted. I mean this won't be a favorable statement but I would rather have him at the end of our bench than Karl. There were a few draft boards that year, that actually had the Lakers taking Green, thak the Lord they drafted Bynum. For the price it wouldn't hurt
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