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Default Re: Abortion counselor films own abortion and it becomes a viral video

yo what a fk** HAVE ISH HOOP LOSED THERE DAMN MINDS ?!?!?! ARE OYU FK** BETA RETARTS ?? FK** ALL YOU RETARTED BETA STUPID ASS RETART MOTHER****ER !!!! are you fk** stupid or what ?? oh want a damn children if i make a woman pregnant i wlel punch her fk ** sotmach like i want a crybaby to my house man . if woman dont want a children then abort that babey and throw it to trash can it is mure murder to make stupid retart babby because woman doesnt want take care of it you dumbass what matter to u not everone want a children and not everone want take care of it i swear to god i well punch some of you retarts and your pregnant peroid wife fk** u
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