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Default Re: Dirk's fiancee, Cristal Taylor

Originally Posted by John Smith
All you can do is attack a typo because you know the content is true. I didn't realize we were in English class Ms. Wilson. Bottomline is many Europeans marry Africans. It is common practice. Africans are nothing like black Americans. It would be foolish to think so. You couldn't have two more opposite cultures if you tried. They don't look up to 2pac or Scarface in the Sudan, catch my drift?
No, I "attacked" you because you're blatantly stupid. When stupid people try to discuss things that they have no knowledge of, they generally sound just like you.

Its obvious that you have absolutely not a clue about either black American culture or African culture. I've lived in both places and while there are differences, the situation cannot be painted with a broad brush like you're attempting to do, in your "I saw it on TV so it must be true" style. You and Ms. Teen South Carolina have a lot in common.

Just quit while you're behind and STFU about things you know nothing about.
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