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Default Re: Training camp/pre-season!

Ľ Through five preseason games, the Jazz have outscored opponents 108-62 in fast-break points.

Ľ The Jazz upgraded their roster in the offseason to better fit a fast-paced offense.

Ľ Tyrone Corbin hopes the Jazzís depth will allow it to play faster late in the season and in the playoffs.

The question for the Jazz has to be, "Can they do it for an entire year?"

Coach Tyrone Corbin and his players are optimistic, Corbin more cautiously so than some of his leaders, that the Jazzís depth will allow them to play fast throughout the season.

"Itís a marathon," Corbin said. "Pace is how you want to create these opportunities for you, but you donít want to wear yourself out. There has to be a balance there."

The balance, Mo Williams said, will come naturally once the Jazz identify themselves as a fast-paced team.

"Like any other team, youíre going to be tired," Williams said. "You got to keep pushing, itís your identity, your way of playing, and thatís what we want to do every night."

After a 3-2 start through five preseason games, the Jazz have outscored opponents 108-62 in fast-break points, including 30-9 against the Lakers in Anaheim on Tuesday.

With their depth and the altitude at home it certainly makes sense to push the tempo.

But pace isnít just scoring on the fast break.

The Jazz can thank changes to their personnel for the boost. Mo Williams, Marvin Williams and Randy Foye are all better suited to push the tempo better than the guys they replaced.

CJ could push the tempo.

As Corbin evaluated his roster, led by Mo Williams, he saw a team that he felt could keep it going.

"It depends on the age and stage of the team," Corbin said. "Younger teams tend to be able to do it for longer stretches, middle-aged teams can do it going back and forth, and older teams donít do it."

That Corbin said, is what makes the San Antonio Spurs so interesting.

"The way they could push the ball consistently with the ages they had," Corbin said, "was tremendous."

That also leads to the point that tempo doesnít only mean converting in the open floor and scoring on fast breaks.

"We want pace to get it down the floor quickly," Corbin said. "To search for the early, easy opportunities and if we donít have that now we get into our half-court sets with 16, 17 seconds to get into our offense."

The Jazz have a rotation that could easily go 12-deep, although that wonít be realistic for Corbin as he manages minutes in the early stages. That may be the teamís saving grace when it comes time to push the ball late in games late in the season or in the playoffs.

"Weíve got a lot of guys to come in if somebody needs a blow," forward Paul Millsap said. "Weíve got a lot of guys to come in and fill that position. Weíre going to continue to play that way."
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