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Default Melo scores 62 points. I REALLY want the Bulls to sign him this summer.

He's going nowhere with the Knicks. He's exactly what the Bulls need and if they got him they wouldn't have to rebuild completely. They'd be stacked with Rose (if he can stay healthy), Melo, Butler, Taj, Mirotic, Noah, Augustin, Snell, Hinrich, Dunleavy. Plus they have some draft picks. The only two positions they'd need to fill would be one more 2 guard and one more Center off the bench.

C: Noah/?
PF: Taj/Mirotic
SF: Melo/Snell/Dunleavy
SG: Butler/Hinrich/?
PG: Rose/Augustin/Hinrich

That team has it all. They can score, they can play defense, they can rebound. They're legit contenders.

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