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Default Re: 2014 draftees Shooting guards

Originally Posted by RightToCensor
I'd put Harris > Exum because Gary is more of a traditional 2.

It's tricky because if Exum is a SG, then you can make the case Marcus Smart is a SG.

Harris is a really nice player. You know he's been well schooled. He's been knocked for being a bit undersized, but he may have the ball handling to do some combo work too.

I don't know as much about Hezonja as I'd like. I know his shooting percentages are good, and he's got a prototype frame, and just from clips seems plenty athletic. But I'd like to see him in a game or two, because I have no feel for him.

I've been really disappointed in both Harrisons.

I personally wouldn't touch PJ Hairston until it was just too good a value pick. Probably not until the second round where I had some leverage as a franchise to try to reign him in. I know kids will be kids. I hate throwing people under the bus for a little pot. But repeatedly in cars rented by known fellons with drugs and guns. Weather you are or aren't bothered by the actions, it still shows little regard for his future. I wouldn't want him on my roster with a million bucks in his pocket. He's not that talented that he's worth the gamble.

I agree Stauskus seems underrated. His handle looks a ton better, and he may be able to play some combo stuff.
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