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Default Re: Sixers starting lineup for upcoming season

Originally Posted by sixerfan3511
Evans is backup PF and Smith is backup C right now, with Speights the 3rd man to fill either spot. We are going to get another big, but as i posted in the other thread there is no1 to choose from really. We aren't going to deal Evans or Smith, not needed. And Rush would be our backup 3 technically, but it's more like Iggy is our backup 3. We have 2 sg and 2 sf, it just happens that both SF will start together
I was thinking moving Evans to get rid of the logjam at pf also to free up more minutes for Smith and Speights since both are the future of this team. On the flipside I really like Evans as a rebounder hustler and emotional leader off the bench. So your probably right no need to move Evans also I really like this team and every player on this team now that I think about it I wouldn't move anybody on this team. Certainly not Smith that is definently out the question you would have to offer a solid deal for me to give him up and even then I still wouldn't deal him. I never thought of Iguodala as a sf because he is extremely undersized at that position and teams now are starting to roll out with 6-9 and 6-10 sf's. I think he has to make his living as a 2 because he is clearly overmatched at the 3. With that he has to improve his jump shot which he has and will continue to get better. I do understand what your saying about we are actually starting 2 sf's. I really just think that was an experiment that was only used for this past season since we had no clear cut sf. Iggy simply cannot play the sf position and i'm glad the experiment will be over this year with Young moving into his natural position.

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