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Default Re: Ankle Weights?

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
id say wear them on the days you practice but dont ball if that makes sense.

if you do play after wearing them make sure you are warmed up well.

i'd try and convince you not to to tell you the truth but some people react differently to them than others.

if you wanna jump higher play lots of basketball (full court) and start working up your core strength (planks, hanging leg raises, running crunches etc.) and build your flexibility

dynamic stretching before playing ball, static stretching after

after a few weeks you'll notice that your body control in the air will be exceptionally better and if you had poor core strength, then your vert will also increase.

by the time you plateau you'll probably be 17/18 yrs old and only then should you start doing squats. if you plateau earlier and you feel you can do those exercises easily without any trouble then you're probably ready.

ight thanks man. helped a lot
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