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Default Re: Dark Horse to Win the East....TORONTO

As a Raptor fan and follower I would say they would be a very dark horse to win the east. Without any playoff experience together I can't see the Raptors making it past the first round. It will be just great for them to make the playoffs and get some experience. If they could get a win or two in the playoffs that would be good.

Let's not get to ahead of ourselves. They have not won many games against solid teams this year. Some of the teams that they beat that could be considered solid teams had injuries.

Yes they have what I believe to be on of the best if not best PG combinations in the NBA and one of the best GMs. They have an unselfish rising star(s) and team. They have done better so far than most critics and publications predicted. It will be nice if they make the playoffs and prove all of them wrong. Only 2 wins away from last year's total; great.

I will take the long-term view. They certainly could very well challange for the East a couple of seasons from now. Bargnani, Bosh and Ford in a season or two could be a scary 3 to play against.
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