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Default Re: At their peak - Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway, and Scottie Pippen

Originally Posted by 97 bulls
Pippen could make flashy passes.

Pippen was better at running a tram based on the Six championships, the top ratings in offense four times out of the eight he ran the Bulls offense.

And let's not forget that Pippen dominated Hardaway in 96 ECF.

Dominated? He shot 35% outside of one good game. Penny averaged 26ppg that series and had a 38 point game where he shot 75% from the field.

This is why no one takes your opinions seriously on the board. You blatantly make shit up. Of course Pippen won six championships. I guess he's better at running a team than Nash as well since his rings say so. He played with the best player ever in his prime.
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