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Default Re: At their peak - Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway, and Scottie Pippen

Originally Posted by tmacattack33
How is court vision non-sense, lol?

Someone like Andrew Bynum does not have it too much of it, and it costs his team buckets. Teams can double team him and much of the time he can't find the open man.

And someone like Rajon Rondo has it, and it allows him to make get his teammates open baskets.

And you make the determination by watching the games. Bynum can make the most simple pass to a clearly wide open teammate...that's all i've really seen him do so far. He's young so hopefully he can better though.

Rondo can find people open who don't even know themselves that they are open. Elite passers like him make it seem like they can see the future. It's like they watched the play on a DVR before it actually happened and knew before hand where all the defenders were going to be and in which direction they would be moving in.

It all happens really fast and is very instinctive, and so its a skill which you can't really learn or develop too much.
If you'll reread my post. I qualified my statement by stating at this level. The difference is minimal if any. Unless you can point out times that Pippen missed open players for easy buckets.
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