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Default Re: 2013 FIBA Americas Tournament

Originally Posted by Grinder
Ayuso is a chucker but can be a prolific scorer when he gets going. He's can make it rain from behind the arc. He was on the Puerto Rico team that beat the USA in the Olympics back in 04.

I remember he was in training camp with a few NBA teams way back in the day before getting cut.

He tried the Greek League a couple times and got cut both times. Once he didn't make it past training camp.

He's a SF that can absolutely light it up from long range, but his defense is so awful that it's really hard for a serious team or coach to utilize him a lot.

Sort of the same problem a guy like Gecevicius has. He can do well in a team where the coach isn't emphasizing defense. Puerto Rico's coach is defensive minded, but he has no choice but to use Ayuso a lot. Since he can shoot and since no one on that team except Santiago and Balkmna plays any defense. Plus he fits perfectly into their street ball style offense, even though their coach is a European style guy.

Their coach is pretty much at the mercy of how street ball Puerto Rico is with guys like Barea and Arroyo.

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