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Default Re: 2013 FIBA Americas Tournament

Man, Venezuela looks awful...

They're the host country and lost to Mexico in the opener and barely got by Paraguay last night. It's a testament to how good Grievis Vasquez is that he was able to make this team look decent at the Olympic qualifying tournament. They're also missing one of their main big men in Greg Echenique who just signed in the Bundesliga.

Argentina got absolutely lit up by the Dominicans. Luis Scola was locked up (went 4-18) by Jack Michael Martinez, a guy who I'm shocked never played in the NBA or Euroleague. James Feildeine played a great game recent Kentucky alum Eloy Vargas had 8 points/11 rebounds.

Canada just fell apart in the fourth quarter. They were slow to close out shooters and couldn't stay in front of Barea and Arroyo all game. Balkman had another big game. Nicholson and Thompson carried Canada as much as they could but they hardly saw the ball in the fourth.

Jamaica lost in the final seconds as former NBA-er Esteban Batista tipped it in to win it for Uruguay. He had 22 points/14 rebounds. Really awful game from Jamaica.
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