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Default Re: Dirk and a few teammates letting beards grow until record gets better

The rules regarding the Mavericksí beard pact are a bit fuzzy, so to speak.

Shaving the neck is definitely allowed. What about the cheekbones? That will determine whether sixth man Vince Carter has violated the pact of not shaving until the Mavs hit .500 again.

Carterís beard is bushy, but itís been lined up on the neck and cheekbones and his mustache has been well trimmed. According to his interpretation of the unwritten rules, Carter is still in compliance.

ďI canít have it in my eyes, bro. Sorry,Ē Carter said. ďHave you seen Chris Kaman? I canít do that, man. I didnít make the rules. Thatís the thing. I donít know where all the rules came from. O.J. (Mayo) was like, ĎWe canít cut the beard.í The beard is the beard.Ē

-- ESPN Dallas
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