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I'm not usually one to pump a shoe, but I found that I had substantially less issues with the Nike Boing series. They weren't my favorite shoes, there a little heavy, and I'm not going to attribute it to the springs. I think it's just that they have a particularly wide heel box, which makes it harder to tip it.

I've done my ankles seemingly hundreds of times. It's true that once it goes it will go again. I never liked the braces, but they do work to a degree. I just found that the heavier ones are so wide they looses the shoe as you play and actually make you less stable.

As for excercise, balance work is the best option, and even that's mainly just preventative. If you come down on someones foot you could Berishnakov and it's still gonna roll. As I got older I started stretching them, especially along the arch and achilles. It won't stop it from happening, but it does seem to make the turn far less traumatic.
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