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Default Re: What is your reputation as a baller at the gym? or league?

Streaky shooter, good post player, not so good defender, team player.

When my shot is on, it's on. I am one of those people who has to have a lot of attempts otherwise it's completely random if I get going or not. Problem is, I just don't have enough game to warrant that many shots. My handles are only decent... I can bring the ball up the floor and take it to the basket if there isn't too much traffic but not good enough to create that well. I am not a very good defender... If the guy is quick he can probably get by me often (which is why I think I might as well just get on people and try to be pesky). I am also a good rebounder, but at 5'11 if there are taller people out there then not so much (can't really call over the back in pickup games lol)

I think most people would probably categorize me as a shooter though. I am training right now to get my "ups" up tho so I can be a good finisher on breaks and hopefully make some "WOW" type of plays that energize me and my team
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