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Default Re: What is your reputation as a baller at the gym? or league?

Originally Posted by Chuck Thou NBA
I like players like you. You do all the little things to win games. Your a good defender so if somebody has the hot hand your capable of slowing them down and that's good.

BUT... id recommend you work on your jumpshot. Maybe 15 feet in, because once folks realized you can't shoot what are they going to do? Force you to shoot. They are going to give you 3 feet of space every time.

very good point. at 5'11" having a decent jumpshot is a must.

i probably spend the most practice time working on my jumpshot and i'll knock a few down in games, but i need to establish that i'm somewhat of a threat from 15 ft early on to make things easier for myself throughout the game. luckily i've been playing with different people almost every time so my limited repertoire of moves i use to get to the basket have sufficed.

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