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Arrow Horford gained a lot of respect from me tonight.

Horford was one of several people affiliated with the Hawks to go directly to the hospital to check on Ford - Dominique Wilkins and Josh Smith’s father Pete Smith were there, too - and make sure he knew that what happened was purely accidental.

Horford, I’m told, waited quite a while for Ford to get done with tests just to make sure he got the chance to speak with him personally. And when told that Horford came to check on him and wanted to speak with him, Ford let it be known that he knew Horford’s lick wasn’t intentional and that he welcomed Horford to stop by and visit.

None of that will make it on the highlight shows. But it’s just an example of the class shown by all involved in what was a frightening sequence, particularly for a guy (in Ford) who has dealt with spine, neck and back issues in his past.

Of course reckless behaviour deserves punishment, but I care more about the true character of someone rather than their split second decision making.

If anything I've become a bigger fan of his than before the game.
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