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Default Re: 2005 NBA Draft Do-Over

Here is a do over of the 2005 draft according to how players have worked out so far.

Well then, there is a lot wrong with this list isn't there? I'll split this up into a few pieces so it makes it easy to figure out.

1. Milwaukee - Chris Paul =
2. Atlanta - Deron Williams =
3. Utah - Andrew Bogut <
4. New Orleans - Marvin Williams <
5. Charlotte - Andrew Bynum <
6. Portland - Danny Granger >

If it's going on who's been working the best so far, then shouldn't Granger be ahead of Bynum, and Marvin Williams at least? The guy was putting up like 20ppg when the season begun and is doing a hell of a better job than Williams right now. Bynum is still in development

7. Toronto - Monta Ellis =
8. New York - David Lee =
9. Golden State - Charlie Villanueva <
10. LA Lakers - Raymond Felton <
11. Orlando - Andray Blatche <

There's a lot of questionable calls here. Webster and Jack missing out for Blatche (does he even play?) and Villanueva doesn't really serve you any justice. Also this is somewhere where you could look to be McCants and maybe even Gomes. Gomes is really underrated in your list.

12. LA Clippers - Martell Webster >
13. Charlotte - Jarrett Jack >
14. Minnesota - Franciso Garcia >
15. New Jersey - Louis Williams <
16. Toronto - Gerald Green <
17. Indiana - Brandon Bass =
18. Boston - Antoine Wright =
19. Memphis - Jason Maxiell >

Maxiell should be a lot higher on this list. I'm not really taken back by any of the rest. Green is going to end up in Europe in a few years the way he's going. Can't even amount to anything in Minnesota. Bass is good and should stay in the league, but I think he might be too high right now. Williams is still a project and could go with a much lower pick over people who deserve it. And I honestly don't understand how Wright is struggling to cement himself in the NBA. He's a damn solid player.

20. Denver - Ike Diogu <
21. Phoenix - Luther Head >
22. Denver - Hakim Warrick >
23. Sacramento - Channing Frye >
24. Houston - Rashad McCants >

Diogu should be at the bottom of this list. Warrick, Fry, McCants and possibly even Head could have all gone inside, or somewhere around the lottery. Diogu has been a massive failure right now - everyone was predicting so much from him.

25. Seattle - Wayne Simien <
26. Detroit - Joey Graham =
27. Portland - Travis Dienir <
28. San Antonio - Ronnie Turaf =
29. Miami - Sean May =
30. New York - Ryan Gomes >

Gomes is WAYYYY too low. He's apparently not better than Simien who's barely played enough minutes in the NBA to warrant himself as anything thus far. Diener is a 12th man at best whilst Gomes is a fringe starter, May has been injured and is all but done - I think. Turiaf is a good cheerleader, but not a better ball player than Gomes.

Also, I put little arrows to notify whether I think they're better or worse than you ranked them.
> means better
< means worse
= means about the same.

Try again.

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