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Default Re: 2005 NBA Draft Do-Over

Why couldn't you have just quoted one part instead of the whole thing Skan72?

Originally Posted by skan72
Do you know who the Wizards are even? DOES ANDRAY BLATCHE PLAY? Try 52 games played, 9 starts, 20.2 minutes per game, 7.2 points, 5.3 rebounds, 1 assist, 1.5 blocks, 47.3% shooting.


Yep, still not an 11th pick. Not to mention that Orlando is the only team I follow religiously in the NBA. Trust me, I would know more than you do what's good for them. But since you insisted on getting into it, let's see now:

Martell Webster:
6'7, plays multiple positions, one of the league leaders in 3's made.
28mpg | 10.4ppg | 3.9rpg | 1.2apg

Jarret Jack:
6'3 PG, plays off the bench, solid game
27.4mpg | 9.8ppg | 3.0rpg | 4.0apg | 1.1spg

David Lee:
6'8 PF, great rebounder, comes off the bench
27.9mpg | 10.5ppg | 8.5rpg | 1.1apg

I could go on with another 5 or 6 players who, right now, are better than Blatche. Blatche is only playing (yeah, I knew he was playing before, it's just called an exaggeration because he's not actually that good) because of the weakness of the front court in Washington. Just because you have a man crush on him doesn't make him good.
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