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Default Re: Jeremy Lin and the ROckets played well today!

Originally Posted by millwad
What a retard, I've been a Rocket fan for years, even prior to registrating on this forum which was 5 years ago I was a Rocket fan.

And yes, I hate on Lin because he's overpaid and he's terrible. The only reason why he got his contract is because of his chinese heritage. What now, are you going to call me a racist?
Yes you are. How can you prove the only reason he got his contract is because he's Asian?

You can't. There's no stats to pull up, there's no quotes, NOTHING.

That is entirely your speculation.

And if I say, the only reason Kwame Brown got his contract is because he's black, I'm racist right? Same principles goes for you.

And STFU stop acting like a Rockets fan, just because you put it on as your avatar, you're not. You're just using the opportunity to bash Lin, and using that rockets avatar as a shield. You're no rocket fan, get the f out of here.
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