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Default Re: Who can the Lakers get in 2014 FA????

Originally Posted by longtime lurker
It's a dicey scenario considering Bosh, but you have to remember NBA players aren't always about championships, sometimes they want a change of scenery or different opportunities. If the Heat win the championship next year I say there's no chance that Bosh or Lebron leave. If they lose next year, especially before even making the finals than Lebron is gone for sure considering he's a front runner. If Lebron leaves, Bosh is going to bolt and LA could be a good landing spot. Carmelo is king of New York right now, but it all depends how things start looking with the Knicks, he's less likely to leave since the Knicks will have cap space themselves in a couple seasons, but he's already shown a strong interest in playing in LA. Kobe and Carmelo have a good relationship and they've also successfully played on Olympic teams which are loaded with talent. I have no reason to believe they wouldn't coexist and that Kobe isn't willing to give Melo the keys to the team provided that Melo proves himself.

The important thing about this is that the Lakers need to be an attractive destination for free agents. This is why I'm against the whole tanking idea. If the Lakers tank, they may end up with a number 1 pick but they'll be seen as playing with old Kobe and a rebuilding team(Dallas for example). This is why I'm more in favour of making a playoff push so they'll be viewed more favourably by potential free agents. Sign some young free agents to cheap deals so they can show case their talents and at best make a playoff push, at worse they'll build their value and get traded for picks. Otherwise if they're just going to tank anyways then trade Gasol, Nash and Kobe(pretty much impossible due to his contract) and be prepared for a full rebuild.

I agree, I wasn't saying Bosh definitely won't leave I just don't see him leaving if LeBron doesn't leave or if Miami wins next season, whether that happens or not who knows, but if you win 3 titles in a row and 4 times in a row in the finals I highly doubt anyone would want to leave that time, although the problems may mount with Wade's injuries and aging, depends a lot on the personality and temperament of the players, I think Bosh is likely to stay in Miami because he does strike me more as a type of player willing to sacrifice numbers for championships. Although if he feels he is deeply under appreciated or anything like that he well could leave, or if LeBron leaves he might follow him who knows, I agree that I don't see them leaving if they win three titles, even if they make the finals and lose I think they stay, I don't see LeBron leaving unless the team as a whole go backwards and a fair bit backwards for him to say yeah I've won 3 championships here or 2 championships but I can't win anymore, I think Wade and Bosh would have to contribute very little next year or them to do poorly in the playoffs for LeBron to leave, although I think Cleveland are going to be a very enticing team to go backwards. I don't so much see LeBron going to another different team (although before Andre went to the Warriors I thought it'd be fascinating to see him on that team). I would also agree on the Melo + Kobe, I think they could get along, but there is also a possibility they could really clash with their scoring mentalities, depends how Kobe progresses with age and how he accommodates others, he showed this year in patches he could really be past first, but then he kind of went too pass orientated instead of taking shots he would make an odd pass so I think if he can find a balance between shooting and passing preferably not extreme of either I think they could get along, but maybe they could clash due to mentalities and both liking the ball and isolation plays etc.

I think 2014 is potentially good but as I said before I think it could be more of a consolidation year of free agency or more building blocks than consolidating, I think 2014 you make mild improvements and then present a viable team for the 2015 free agents with players who are in my opinion more likely to come to the Lakers. Although who knows with current potential management maybe the potential future with cap space won't be as great as some are idealizing. Or with D'Antoni as coach, I don't see that many players wanting to play for him to be honest (decent to good offensive coach but I'd be really put off by how virtually married he is to his system and this year only seemed to change when the players changed themselves without him doing it, although maybe he did change it just seems like the players changed without D'Antoni). Although might be a little harsh I don't think that many would or with a potentially old Kobe depending on how he modifies his game with or in the twilight period of his career. Although maybe neither will be there in 2015 who knows. I just think 2014 you just try and add a few solid pieces, maybe re-sign Kobe and Gasol to smaller deals if they will take them I don't know how much Kobe would demand if he is on a two year deal, hopefully he's willing to take a large pay cut, I'd love to see some of the players in the 2015 class join the team, especially go after Rondo if he is a free agent/doesn't re-sign with Boston.
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