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Default Re: Who can the Lakers get in 2014 FA????

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Player 2013/14
Kobe Bryant$30,453,000
Pau Gasol $19,285,850
Steve Nash $9,300,500
Metta $7,727,280
Steve Blake $4,000,000
Jordan Hill $3,500,000
Jodie Meeks $1,550,000
Chris Duhon $1,500,000
Robert Sacre$ 988,872
TOTALS: $77,316,630

The MINIMUM roster size is 13 players, if you remove Metta, this puts us at 8 so we are forced to add 5 we are guaranteed to be over the cap barring a trade or two. This is why I don't understand how we let cheap labor like Goudelock, Morris and Ebanks go. We seriously need cheap filler.

Thanks for the numbers. I was looking for those. I agree that letting morris and goudelock go may have been rash, considering those guys don't make much. Ebanks it was expected. No one used him, and he got to a point in games where he was just laughing. He wants to play and he couldn't do it here.
So now we've subtracted Artest and added Kaman. That gives us only 3 more cheap guys to go. The Steve Nash deal is whats making me scratch my head a little bit. I don't think he deserves the 9 million. Maybe 5 would suffice seeing that he isn't even the primary ball handler. But we let go of 30 million with Dwight walking and Metta being amnestied. then about 50 million with Kobe and Pau alone. Kobe shouldn't make anymore than 13 mill and Pau should make 10 mill or less. If Kobe can take a big paycut, maybe we let Pau walk if we can land two big time players, like Kevin love and Paul George.

Edit: Rumor is that Sasha and Farmar want to come back but I doubt they make minimum wage at this point. I don't see how we could afford them.
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