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Originally Posted by driecken
Just look at tonights game, he is ill and hes putting up 7+ assists, 30 + points and reminding me of a "flue" game played by the legend Michael Jordan.
Of course this is no playoff game, but he is putting all of is effort on the court getting teammates shots and putting points on the boards.

KB 24 has put the trade talks to rest for now, and come back into the team and brought people together,
he is the glue that holds the up and coming young lakers team together.

He brings the energy to the team that they need for confidence, and trust...which in time will lead to a good group of players with talent, and the trust it takes to rely on eachother and move through the season with more wins then the last.

Hope KB 24 Stays Laker for life.

&Single handedly wins the Lakers 7th straight? with the hot hand at the end of 4th and OT,

48 Points
Go Lakers
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