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Default Re: IF Kobe gets Ring #6

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Agreed. I just think with all thats said and done, Kobe right now is the best laker player ever. Its not saying Magic was "bad" in any way. Not even worse...those words can't be used in this discussion. But whatever Magic is, I think Kobe is better.

OMG!!! that seems like you're dissing Magic and Kareem and Mr. Logo

1. There might not be a Kobe if it wasn't for Magic (and Bird) saving the

2. And IMO Magic is in the GOAT conversation... Kobe isn't there yet....

Russel had the best career of all time..... (11 rings in 13 years)
Wilt had the best season of all time..... (50ppg and 24rpg)
MJ was the most spectacular athlete of all time.... (hard to figure out how to say that)
Magic has the highest winning percentage of all time......(and he had a lot to do with that)

Kobe isn't done yet, but Magic is still the most exciting player I've ever seen.
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