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Default Re: IF Kobe gets Ring #6

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Agreed. I just think with all thats said and done, Kobe right now is the best laker player ever. Its not saying Magic was "bad" in any way. Not even worse...those words can't be used in this discussion. But whatever Magic is, I think Kobe is better.

Magic was a leader from day 1. He drove that team every year. Kobe started much slower.

Remember, Magic got the finals MVP as a rookie!!!

Kobe does have the advantage of a longer career, but I think most people
respect Magic's contributions a bit more...

And I am not dissing Kobe in any way. They are completely different types
of players... But Kobe's leadership didn't blossom until PJax came back. Magic
had that from day 1.
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