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Default Re: IF Kobe gets Ring #6

With all due respect magicmanfan,

You're making claims that compare different generations of basketball. The game has evolved to the degree that these old guys you have mentioned literally might have to re-learn so to speak.

Mr. Logo came from a time where dribbling skills were non-existent, there were no zone defenses, which are more difficult than a physical hand checking man to man by the way. You put Kobe in that time frame, and its a walk in the park for him every night.

Magic and Kareem were great, with Magic taking the cake on careers.

Lets talk about Magic and Kobe. Magic was the most unselfish and it made it better for him that all the surrounding role players were extremely talented and athletic. It was the true definition of team basketball and no team will ever be the same.

Lets talk about Kobe. He made himself such an unguardable player. If you take away one side, he'll simply take advantage of whatever is open. Additionally, his attitude as a leader has made his teammates work on their weaknesses, and nearly perfect them. He may not be a pass first guard that inflates the stats of his players, rather they learn to adapt to him, and they sacrifice for the greater good of the team.

So many questions regarding Kobe during his career. Let's examine them:

1) With the rape case of Colorado, will Kobe Bryant ever be the same again?

Answer: after the departure of Shaq from this team, Kobe came in setting so many individual records. When Phil returned, Kobe averaged an outstanding 35.4 points for the game, and was even in MVP consideration when his team was mediocre. Not to mention his 62 points in three quarters against the mavericks, and his famous and unforgettable 81 point game against toronto, when they nearly creamed the lakers that game.

2) Can Kobe win without Shaq?

Answer: He's reached the finals 3 times, winning in two of them as the number one guy. Has the potential, to win a 3rd championship this season. If they play their cards right, Kobe might even finish with 7 championships.

This shows that not only Kobe could win a championship without Shaq, but Shaq couldn't win a championship without Kobe, or some elite level guard. Shaq is in discussion for being one of the GOAT. If these facts do prove that Kobe was better than Shaq, which responds to your claim that Kobe "is not there yet". He is there, and he still has some games left in him to prove that.

I have never seen a player like Kobe Bryant, who generates so many "off-court" discussions, come back with such a strong fire and bring greatness to a team that expects nothing less. The fact that he meets expectations, and surpasses them by a mile, shows that Kobe is in fact the greatest laker of all time, and he's not done.
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