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Default This Heat team is starting to remind me of the second threepeat Bulls

Ok, I might get some flack by fellow Bulls fans but hear me out.

The Heat remind of the second threepeat Bulls in regards to how they lately seem to be coasting along in a game and then somewhere in the 3rd or early 4th, they up their defensive intensity and they put a 17-4 run on you and all of a sudden what was a close game becomes a comfortable win. The Heat games I've watched this season, granted it's been about a dozen, seem to follow this pattern. The Heat get everything but the kitchen sink thrown at them but they seem unfazed, they got the swag that those Bulls teams had. LBJ just has that MJ "I know I'm best player on the court every night" look, that quiet confidence that rubs off on his teammates. I never saw Wade's 2006 Heat team look like the current Heat where it just looks like you can't beat them if they bring their A game.

You 8 true Heat fans, enjoy it while it lasts man, it won't be this good forever.
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