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Default Re: The hypocrisy of hockey

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
I feel you are being dramatic in that assertion. The fights on ice are whatever to people who are used to them and only sensationalized dramatic dumbasses will make a huge deal over a punch being thrown by a WR or CB. Even a NBA team 'fight' (more often one or two swings and some shoving) isn't seen anymore deplorable than a bench clearing brawl in the MLB, which is majorly Hispanic with both blacks, whites, couple Asians mixed in.

I rarely see any competent sports fans think society is crumbling if two lineman get into it or a dude takes exception to a hard foul. Some get pumped by it, some just say whatever. Only shitheads think it's ruining America.

Sounds like you are just very sensitive to how blacks are viewed in sports. Sherman deserved much of the scorn he got, short of being known as a N--ger. People don't enjoy having irritating voices screaming at their television after seeing a dude's team make it to the Super Bowl.

I think Sherman's "rants" are ugly myself...

But I don't think they merit the attention it has gotten.. NFL is an intense league and I would expect at least that much intensity to be inside any player..

Im actually glad that there are players like Sherman to show me that it does indeed exist...

The double standard when it comes to fighting in Hockey is obvious and it doesn't take much sensitivity to see it...

like I said a few times..I can understand people who only love hockey.. I can that some of them love fighting and they don't want it taken away..

the other stuff is just a double standard when it comes to how players and the sport itself are viewed..

hell David Stern felt it was necessary to institute a dress code in the NBA to stop the "thug" talk...

Im saying the line between "thug" and normal human being is a lot different depending on which sport you watch..

you said it yourself "It's about the skin color that dominates the sport" a lot of times
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