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Default Re: The hypocrisy of hockey

it doesnt go both ways ....

It does. No matter the sport, the race, the player etc. there are insults used towards them. Just because you get your panties in a bunch over "thug" more so than a word like goon or meathead that also attacks somebody's morals and intelligence doesn't mean it only goes one way..

you cannot be blind enough to post on a basketball board and not be aware that a portion of society label NBA players as "thugs" for their on court behavior (mostly because of the fighting and the clothes they wear)

What's this have to do with fighting in sports? Alot of the shit your talking about has nothing to do with it. NBA players are called thugs because there covered in tattoo's, have off court trouble, clothes as you said, who they hang out with. Such as somebody like Carmelo showing up in Stop Snitching Stop Lying or Steven Jackson throwing up gang signs. A few idiots like J.R Smith get the entire NBA labeled thugs. It's wrong and I agree, but that has nothing to do with fighting. NHL players make less money, aren't in the media as much, haven't had the same off court problems as a Kobe, Big Ben, O.J etc.

Even than it still exists in hockey. Tyler Sequin got a really bad rap for being a punk who partied too much and was traded, he was targeted in the media too. People like you and Go Getter just don't know enough about the sport so your blind about it. He wasn't called a "thug" all tho I'm pretty sure he's actually covered in stupid tattoo's so that probably is a race thing

Hockey fans call some hockey players goons.. But they don't have the vitriol that they have for an NBA player (or nfl player) who would fight during a game...

I've actually never seen many fights in the NFL/NBA but I'm only 22. I can think of a few. Something like the Andre Johnson one, I personally don't care about. Look at that compared to an average hockey fight. Did Finnegan even throw a legit punch back? I love emotion in sports and I didn't care but alot of people really don't like seeing unwilling fights. Cortland was playing chippy, pushing and ripping the helmet but dude didn't actually fight back did he?

Same with the NBA. Look at that Nick Young situation recently. That's not a fight. He was surrounded by the entire team, threw a half punch and retreated. His own teammate Kendall Marshall was like ten feet back and didn't want any part of it.

I think that's a big thing. NHL players want to fight, NBA/NFL don't. I think there content with just pushing and shoving usually. When they get eachothers face they don't want to full out "drop the mitts".

Even than I don't know many people who get upset at offensive linemen pushing eachother or really anything surrounding the NFL. I've heard people say NBA players look stupid and sometimes they do during scrums. KG playing tough guy, getting on his knees and barking and never actually fighting? Most people won't like that..

Again, look at Sherman.. He is a "thug" and a "scumbag" (and other things) simply because of his rant on sunday.. God forbid if he had actually gotten into a fight..

I found it entertaining, he looked completely crazy tho. White, black, yellow, NBA, NHL and I think that's obvious to anyone.

People would be looking for charges to be brought against him...

Kinda like Patrick Roy's son when he got involved with another goalie who didn't want to fight back? What about Todd Bertuzzi for that huge sucker punch on Steve Moore? Dude's still in court I believe. Still gets boo'd and hate to this day. I've actually seen people use "thug" with him before. Nasty play and got what he deserved...

you cant act like the idea of fighting in hockey and the idea of fighting of in the NBA are the same... They are obviously 2 totally different entities...

Doesn't even need to be said, only on ISH.

I know there is a move within the NHL to get rid of fighting.... but most "goons" in hockey don't even have any talent

There is. They'll probably succeed eventually, like years and years down the road because of how intertwined it is within the NHL. Ehhh yeah there are some left. Nowhere near where it use to be. You still have your enforces but it's a dying breed. True enforcers get scratched and sit in the press box when not needed. Bottom 6 guy's like Chris Neil and Jordan Tootoo can do other things besides fights.

There are no players in other sports who occupy so much space simply for their "goonery"

Not really these days. Most guys are useful and fill a 4th line checking roll. NBA players get called thugs because teams like NY sign Chris Smith for no reason other than J.R wanting them too. Fighting is apart of the game thus fighters are needed but like I said these days there's hardly a shit load of true enforcers that do nothing but fight..

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