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Default Re: #7 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

This is where it gets tricky....

Measuring players, the next 3 slots would go: Shaq, Duncan, Kobe

Measuring careers, the next 3 slots would go: Duncan, Kobe, Shaq.


Observing the trend of this list, it seems career achievement and team success very narrowly trump individual prowess.

With that in mind, I give my vote to Duncan.

For all of Shaq's greatness, his success was supplemented by superior supporting casts to Duncan, Kobe, or Hakeem (whom I have as #10).

First Penny, then Kobe, then Wade. And, in the twilight of his career, Nash and Lebron.

So gotta give my vote to Duncan. Same number of rings, same number of FMVPs. But, Duncan quite frankly achieved his with less (and so did Hakeem and Kobe).
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